Creative Ways To Draw More People Into Your Sports Bar

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Creative Ways To Draw More People Into Your Sports Bar

8 September 2022
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People love going to a local sports bar to catch the big game. It's relaxing to sit back with your friends, order a few beers and some appetizers, and watch your favorite team play. But what if your sports bar is not getting quite as much traffic as you would like? Here are some ways to draw more people in.

Play Lesser-Known Sports Sometimes

Yes, football, basketball, and baseball tend to be the most popular sports to watch. You should absolutely focus on playing these sports when they are in season and on busy weekend days. However, when things are slower, such as during the week, you may want to play some lesser-known sports. Put on some curling, golf, or horse racing. This can draw in a whole new crowd. Chances are, there are some fans of these sports in your community, and not a lot of bars play these sports. If you can become known as "the horse racing bar" or "the curling bar," you'll gain a following of customers during those slower hours.

Offer Some Free Snacks

Giving away free food may seem like it would eat into your profits, but in most cases, it does the opposite. Serving free snacks at the bar will encourage customers to choose your sports bar over competitors. Plus, customers tend to order more drinks when they are snacking. Pick an inexpensive snack, such as chips or French fries, and make it known that they will be served for free at the bar. You really only need to do this during big games or at peak hours, such as on weekend evenings.

Serve Drinks Other Than Beer

Yes, many sports fans drink beer, and it has become the go-to drink at most sports bars. But your beer-living customers may bring some non-beer-drinkers with them. You want to make sure those people have something tasty to drink. Add a few custom cocktails to your menu and stock a few wine options. If you become known as the sports bar that has awesome margaritas or the best white wines, you'll attract groups of customers who include non-beer-drinkers. (Some non-alcoholic beverages are good, too!)

If you want to draw more people into your sports bar, following the tips above will help. Give it some time, too. Customers will soon realize you're playing more unique sports, giving away snacks, or serving cool drinks. Word will spread.

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