Three Popular Gyro Meat Options

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Three Popular Gyro Meat Options

14 June 2023
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If you have a Greek restaurant in your area, you can expect that it will have many enticing options on the menu. One particular dish that may catch your attention is gyros. This hearty fare can be a good choice for lunch or dinner, and you often have the choice of eating it in the establishment or taking it with you. Gyros features a pita with a variety of vegetables, one or more sauces, and your choice of meat. For many people, the flavor of the meat makes each bite delicious, so it can be fun to decide what type of meat you want for your meal. Lots of restaurants offer a handful of meat options, including the following.


Pork is a very common meat option for gyros, and can be a good protein source to try if you're ordering this dish for the first time. The cooking method of gyros meats means that you'll get various textures. The exterior of the meat may have a slightly crispy texture, while the inside of the piece will be soft and chewy. Pork meat tends to be rich, which helps to make your order of gyros filling. The fresh taste of tzatziki sauce helps to balance out the richness of the pork, which many people will appreciate.


Chicken is another popular source of protein in Greek cuisine, and many people enjoy having this meat in their gyros. Like pork, the chicken can have a slightly crisp exterior and a juicy interior. Lots of people choose chicken over pork because it's leaner. If you favor a lunch or dinner that is a little lower in calories, perhaps because you're watching your weight, chicken can be a good option in your gyros. Chicken pairs well with many of the common ingredients in this meal, including potatoes and onions.


You can also expect to find lamb as a meat option when you order gyros. This protein source has a strong taste that many people enjoy and stands up well to the stronger flavors in your gyros such as onions and garlic. Lamb is a rich meat, making it a good choice when you have a big appetite. The restaurant will often use specific herbs that pair well with lamb, including rosemary. During your next Greek restaurant visit, browse the menu to look for gyros and decide what type of meat you're craving.

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