3 Important Questions To Ask To Avoid Unexpected Expenses When Choosing A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding Reception

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3 Important Questions To Ask To Avoid Unexpected Expenses When Choosing A Banquet Hall For Your Wedding Reception

2 May 2016
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When planning for your wedding reception, one of the biggest concerns is often your budget.  As a result, it is a good idea to be aware of the small costs that could accrue. Therefore, you should plan to ask the following questions before you ever take the time to see even a single banquet hall.

#1-How Much Insurance Is Provided By The Facility?

Although the majority of banquet halls that are available for rental for special occasions will carry a minimum amount of insurance, it will behoove you to determine what kind of insurance they have and how much the policy is for. For instance, you will want to see if property damage is covered under the existing policy. If there will be many young children at your wedding or you expect a raucous crowd, it might be a good idea to increase your coverage beyond the minimum amount.

In addition, if the catering is provided by the banquet hall, it will be helpful to determine if damaged dishes or stained tablecloths will be covered under the policy. The last thing you want to find when you come home from your honeymoon would be a bill because a wineglass broke and stained some linen. 

#2-What Extra Charges Would You Be Responsible For If The Reception Runs Late?

It has often been said that one sign of a great party is that nobody wants to go home. If you run into that issue at your reception, it will be very helpful to verify what the extra fees are for allowing your Uncle Teddy to keep telling embarrassing stories of you as a child or allowing your niece to show off the results of a dance class for an hour. Another part of that would be how you would inform the appropriate person that the event ran late, as asking for an extra two hours is much easier over the phone, as opposed to having them show up before you are ready.

Many banquet halls will rent by the day, thus negating that issue in many cases. However, you may find that the possibility of renting it for several hours or half a day still exists, especially during the busy season for weddings in that area.

#3- How Will Clean-up (And The Related Expenses) Work? 

It is not unusual to find that beyond the basics of removing the left-overs, decorations, food and associated items, the responsibility of cleaning and sanitizing the hall is included in the price you are given. However, you might also discover that although you would not necessarily be responsible for the cleaning, its cost is not included in the standard quote for the hall.

If you choose to arrange for the cleaning of the hall to avoid an extra expense, you should ask for an itemization of the cleaning that will be required in order for you to get back the security deposit. You may also want to take photos of the hall when you get there, taking extra care to document any damage, even if it seems minor.   

In conclusion, trying to stay on a budget when planning a wedding is often challenging and the cost of a banquet hall can only add to your concerns. As a result, it will be helpful to ask the above questions when you are doing research on the banquet halls that you are interested in, like the White Shield Banquet Halls Banquet Hall.