Making Yummy Burgers: 5 Tips

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Making Yummy Burgers: 5 Tips

31 August 2018
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The hamburger is a staple of American cuisine. You've probably eaten plenty of them, and you probably have your own favorite restaurant or bar burgers. You may ask yourself why your burgers don't ever come out as delicious or succulent as those you get dining out; try these tips.

1-Try Different Fat Contents 

Of course, a perfect hamburger will start with the perfect ground beef. This will be up to you, whether you choose Angus beef or regular ground. However, what may make a marked difference in the taste is fat content. Some people enjoy very fatty beef, while some have a taste for the leaner stuff. Fattier beef tends to have an extra dimension of flavor, but if you are watching weight or have health concerns, you may get beef with very low fat in it.

2-Stop Flattening Them

Flipping the hamburger is a vital, expected part of making it. However, so many people have a horrible habit of flipping and pushing down on a patty with whatever utensil they're using. When you do this, you release succulent, tasty juices right into the pan. This dries out your patty and may make it less delectable. Just flip, don't press.

3-Start Spicing the Meat

Simple pepper and salt aren't going to make your hamburgers stand out. Luckily there is a suite of new and familiar spice which can be added. Paprika, basil, garlic, or onion can be mixed into the beef before you form patties for maximum flavor.

4-Go Beyond Ketchup

Ketchup and barbecue sauce are common toppers for any hamburger, but you might want to surprise yourself and others with new topping mixtures. An aioli-like mixture of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise can be good, or you may want to add some paprika to plain mayonnaise for something really different.

5-Experiment with Buns

Beef is essential for burgers, but bread is just as vital. Whether you use sandwich bread or special buns from a bakery, experiment with different breads until you find something that complements the patties you've made. Even rye or sourdough breads can be delicious and provide a unique flavor to your hamburgers. In fact, you might discover unusual choices are something you end up enjoying the most.

Once you've attempted different varieties of yummy burgers, you'll settle on your own favorites and those most loved by those you're cooking for. Keep searching for local bar and restaurant burgers for cooking inspiration.