Take Your Date To A Dinner Theater

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Take Your Date To A Dinner Theater

4 December 2018
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After communicating with someone online through a dating website, you may be thinking about meeting in person. If you are somewhat reserved and have a feeling that things may be awkward during the first encounter with your new acquaintance, take your date to a dinner theater to make the occasion enjoyable for both of you. There won't be long gaps without anyone speaking and you can both focus on watching the performance.

Search For A Dinner Theater That Sounds Interesting

Read reviews about dinner theaters or call some live theater restaurant owners on the phone to find out about the cuisine that is served and the type of show that is featured at each dining spot. Dinner theaters may serve local cuisine or made-to-order specialties, plus an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. During your research, you will gain insight about the type of performance that you and your date can expect to see at each place.

If you are uncertain about what your date prefers, it is best to stick to a theater that offers many food and drink choices and that is featuring a live mystery or light-hearted comedy performance.These types of shows can be rather compelling and will likely be a welcome treat for both of you.

Make Your Date Comfortable

Make sure that you have plenty of cash on hand for the date itself and purchase the dinner theater tickets in advance so that your partner won't feel as if they are put on the spot and will need to pay their own way to gain entry to the establishment.

Contact your date a couple days before the dinner and show and let them know what you have planned for the two of you so that they can dress accordingly and anticipate the meal and show that they will be presented with.

Once you have both been seated, you will have some time to order your dinners and beverages prior to the beginning of the performance. During this time, keep things simple by telling your date a little bit about yourself and allowing them to share some personal information of their own.

If your date doesn't feel like doing much talking, try to fill the gap by mentioning the performance that is about to start and what you have heard about the storyline that will be presented. After the performance is underway, you and your new acquaintance will probably relax some more as the attention is taken off of one another and placed on the people who are performing live.

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