Tip For Taking Your Date To An Italian Restaurant

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Tip For Taking Your Date To An Italian Restaurant

8 October 2019
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Italian food is approachable and delicious, which makes it a great choice for date night. Especially when you do not know your date very well, you are pretty safe to suggest visiting an Italian restaurant because almost everyone is bound to like a few dishes on the menu. The typically cozy atmosphere and welcoming disposition of servers help, too! If you do decide to choose an Italian restaurant for your date, here are a few tips to ensure the experience goes well for the both of you.

1. Request private dining, if possible. 

Italian restaurants know they they are frequented among daters, and as such, they often offer a lot of options for more private dining. Upon request, they may seat you in your own small room, or perhaps in a secluded booth towards the back of the dining room. In these quieter spaces, you'll be better able to focus on your date and on the food, since there will be few to no other guests walking by or talking.

2. Don't order the spaghetti.

Spaghetti and meatballs may be a classic option in Italian-American restaurants, but it is not a good choice for date night. The combination of red sauce and long noodles that flop around so easily means you're almost certain to stain your shirt. If you must order a dish with red sauce, order one with short pasta — like pene or rotini. These noodles are easier to eat in a tidy manner. But do consider branching out and ordering a more innovative dish. There are so many delightful Italian dishes that don't involve red sauce, like chicken marsala, fettucine alfredo, and cario e pepe.

3. Order a bottle of wine.

Wine and Italian food go hand-in-hand. Rather than just ordering glasses of wine, order a bottle. Sharing wine is a romantic, yet low-key way to connect with your date. Choosing the wine gives you something to chat about, and once it comes, you can discuss the wine's nuances and what you like about it. You'll learn whether your date is a red or white wine drinker, how well they know wine, and so forth.

4. Stay for dessert.

One of the nice things about Italian restaurants is that they almost always have delicious deserts, and they don't mind if you linger a while to enjoy them. Order a nice capuccino, some cannoli, and maybe some gelato, and you can end your date on a sweet note. 

Italian restaurants are perfect for date night, especially if you follow the tips above.