Why A Wedge Salad Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Your Steak

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Why A Wedge Salad Is The Perfect Accompaniment To Your Steak

17 December 2019
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When you visit a steakhouse, you may already know what side dishes you'll order before you sit down. Many people favor baked or mashed potatoes, while others love mixed vegetables. Salad is also a common side dish to enjoy with your steak, and while a Caesar salad might be your first choice, it's not the only option to consider. Many steakhouses have wedge salads on their menus. This salad, which consists of a large wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with a variety of other ingredients, isn't just nice to look at — it's also really tasty, and it pairs well with your steak for the following reasons.

It's Light And Fresh

Steak tends to be a heavy main course, especially if you choose a rich cut in a large size. While there's no denying that a potato side dish can complement the meat, potatoes can also be heavy. If you're looking for a side dish that is a little lighter, a wedge salad can be a good choice. The bulk of this side dish is lettuce, which won't fill you up quickly. Additionally, the crisp texture and cool taste will provide a nice contrast to the soft, hot steak that you're eating.

It Has Sweet Notes

While different steakhouses prepare their wedge salads in different ways, you'll often find that this salad has sweet notes. Your steak, meanwhile, has many savory flavors — including salt and pepper — which can make the ability to bite into something that is sweet a nice contrast. For example, you might find a wedge salad that has candied nuts sprinkled over the top of it. Dried cranberries are also common in many wedge salads. Wedge salads typically have blue cheese dressing, and depending on how the steakhouse makes this dressing, it could have some sweet taste notes, too.

It's Good For Sharing

If you're the type of person who enjoys sharing food while you're at a restaurant, a wedge salad can be a good choice as a side dish. This is a side dish that is very easy to share — simply use your steak knife to cut down through the wedge of lettuce and then pass one half of the lettuce to your dining partner. He or she can then share some of his or her side dish with you, giving both of you the enjoyment of having a variety of different tastes and textures on your plate.

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