Top Tips for Ordering at a Steakhouse

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Top Tips for Ordering at a Steakhouse

23 April 2021
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Ordering at a steakhouse sounds like it should be pretty easy, right? You choose something on the menu, tell your server that you want that item, and wait for it to come. It's true that those are the basics, but they are just the basics. If you want to ensure the meal you order is amazing and exactly what you want, then you'll want to follow these top tips. 

Know what cut you prefer.

As you gaze down the list of steaks, you may be tempted to just order the one that's the size you want or the price you want. But different cuts of steak are quite different from one another, so it's important to have an idea of what you're getting so you're not disappointed. Here are some basic descriptions of the most common steaks you'll see at steakhouses:

  • Filet mignon: The most tender of cuts, but completely lean and not very flavorful.
  • Ribeye: A very marbled cut with plenty of fat and lots of flavor.
  • Stripsteak: Sometimes sold as New York strip. A relatively lean cut with some marbling.
  • Porterhouse: A large, bone-in cut with a strip steak and a filet portion.
  • Sirloin: A lean cut that's not as tender as a filet, but has a bit more flavor.

Pay attention to whether a side is included.

Some steakhouses include one side with each steak order. Others simply serve the steaks a la carte, and if you want a side, you need to order it separately. Make sure you read the menu carefully so you're not surprised if your steak comes without a side. Unless you have a really big appetite, ordering one side is typically enough as the portions are often large.

Don't assume appetizers are to be shared.

At many more casual restaurants, appetizers are served in large portions and meant to be shared. This is not always true at steakhouses. Unless the menu says that the starters are shareable, you can generally assume the portions are intended for one person. So, you'll want to each order your own appetizer. You can try each other's appetizers, but it's usually best to treat them as personal orders.

With the tips above, you can truly enjoy what you order at the steakhouse. From your first bite of appetizer to your chosen side dish, you're set for a good meal. To learn more, visit a steakhouse like Lawry's The Prime Rib Dallas.