Tips For Restaurants Offering Mexican Cuisine As Takeout

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Tips For Restaurants Offering Mexican Cuisine As Takeout

19 October 2021
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If you own a Mexican restaurant, you may want to begin offering some Mexican food takeout options. This will expand your customer base and allow you to make a few more sales than you would have made otherwise. Mexican food generally stands up well to takeout conditions. However, there are a few tips you'll want to follow to ensure your food truly pleases customers when ordered as takeout.

Keep sauces on the side

Purchase a selection of sauce containers in various sizes. The styrofoam ones are nice as they tend to be more durable than plastic. They also help insulate any chilled sauces from the warm food. Place your salsas, sour cream, crema, queso, and other sauces in these containers. Doing so will keep the food from getting soggy. The customer can apply the sauce themselves once they receive the order.

Send crispy, crunchy foods out in ventilated containers

Chances are, your menu includes a few items served on or with crispy, fried tortillas. Hard-shell tacos, nachos, and tortas are a few examples. If you enclose these dishes in a container, the steam inside the container will make the tortillas soggy. So, you need to create a way for that steam to escape.

You can either buy takeout containers that are already ventilated, or you can punch holes in your takeout containers before sending out these items. It's usually best to have separate, vented containers that you always put these dishes in, so your employees are less likely to forget to cut holes in certain containers.

Check your local laws regarding alcohol service

For many people, ordering a margarita is a part of experiencing a Mexican restaurant. Chances are, these customers will love being able to order a margarita with their takeout cuisine, too. However, you need to make sure it is legal for you to offer alcohol in a takeout format. Contact your state's liquor authority to clarify the laws. 

If it is legal for you to offer takeout margaritas, definitely focus on them when promoting your takeout menu. You may want to offer a special that includes a margarita and a meal, for instance. Make sure you have sturdy, insulated takeout cups with well-sealing lids for your margaritas.

With the tips above, you'll do a great job of offering takeout cuisine for your Mexican restaurant's customers. It's all about keeping the sauces separate, venting crunchy items, and playing up the margaritas when possible.