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Take Your Date To A Dinner Theater

4 December 2018
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After communicating with someone online through a dating website, you may be thinking about meeting in person. If you are somewhat reserved and have a feeling that things may be awkward during the first encounter with your new acquaintance, take your date to a dinner theater to make the occasion enjoyable for both of you. There won't be long gaps without anyone speaking and you can both focus on watching the performance. Read More …

Making Yummy Burgers: 5 Tips

31 August 2018
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The hamburger is a staple of American cuisine. You've probably eaten plenty of them, and you probably have your own favorite restaurant or bar burgers. You may ask yourself why your burgers don't ever come out as delicious or succulent as those you get dining out; try these tips. 1-Try Different Fat Contents  Of course, a perfect hamburger will start with the perfect ground beef. This will be up to you, whether you choose Angus beef or regular ground. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Happy Hour

9 June 2018
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When you're interested in making the most out of your time off from work, it's important that you look into some happy hours near you. There are plenty of bars and lounges you can visit that will let you stock up on drinks, appetizers, entrees and other happy hour items. With this in mind, read on and apply these tips to get what you need out of visiting a happy hour. Read More …

The History Behind Two Controversial Pizza Toppings

8 March 2018
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Almost everybody likes pizza. Chances are that even your pickiest friend can name a type of pizza that they like. However, not everyone likes the same pizza, which can make things a little complicated when ordering for a group. There are some safe options – for example, ordering one pizza with pepperoni and one with just cheese will generally satisfy a group that includes both vegetarians and meat-eaters. These two options may not be everyone's favorite, but most people will eat them. Read More …

Quick And Easy Low-Carb Pizza Your Family Will Actually Enjoy

30 October 2017
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Lower carbohydrate, higher fat diet plans are currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Unfortunately, many family favorites, like pizza are considered to be too high in carbohydrates to be consumed on this way of eating. Some families have come up with a solution to this problem by sticking faithfully to their low-carb, high-protein eating plans for six days each week, then allowing themselves a "cheat day" in which they can once again enjoy going out for a delicious slice or two from their favorite pizza restaurant. Read More …